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  Number 276 | Julio 2004



The Corruption of Words
Two years ago, the fight against corruption in Nicaragua made new and novel inroads into the construction of citizenship in Nicaragua. With the objectives and exemplarity of this governmental initiative now fading from memory, today' s ruthless and short-sighted struggles for power are increasing another kind of corruption each passing day: the corruption of words, which sow confusion, spark scandals and deepen the nation's demoralization.... continuar...


TRAGEDY IN RÍO BLANCO Torrential rains that began falling in northern Nicaragua on June 24 produced a series of landslides on the Cerro Musún Natural Reserve in the remote mountainous municipality... continuar...


25 Years After July 19: What Has Happened to the FSLN?
Twenty-five years after the triumph of the Sandinista revolution, many questions abouth the FSLN, its present situation and its future hang over the darkened skies of the leftist world everywhere. We will try to answer some of them, not without pain, but with renewed hope in the ethical and transformational strength of Sandinismo.... continuar...


Passionate Memories From Times of Solidarity
As the Nicaraguan revolution celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is a fifting time to recall the solidarity, heroism and generosity of non-Nicaraguans who helped make July 19 possible. These stories have positive and negative sides, but we owe it to those who survived and those who are no longer with us to tell it as it was.... continuar...


Monsignor Virgilio: A Bishop Who Walked with the People
"And are you a delegate of the word or a catechist?" asked a priest who was giving a talk at the Tocoa parish training center to a man who appeared to be another of the dozens of peasants present. "I'm your humble servant, the bishop of Trujillo," replied Monsignor Virgilio López. López died recently, but his humility and closeness to the people remain an example to us all.... continuar...


The Ever-Changing Face of Nongovernmental Cooperation
A veteran NGO official shares the ideas and experiences she has gleaned from over 25 years working in cooperation with countries of the South, including Central America.... continuar...

América Latina

The Left in the 21st Century: Reflections, Tasks and Challenges
With the Latin american Left that created the Sao Paulo Forum in 1990 to "counteract the neoliberal onslaught" meeting in Managua as Nicaragua's "Lost Revolution" celebrates its 25th anniversary, this article analyzes what the Left should be doing and, perhaps more urgently, what it should be thinking.... continuar...

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