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  Number 266 | Septiembre 2003



The Compass Needle Points North
Wallowing in a sea of incoherencies and political instability, President Bolaños and his team are charting the only clear course on the nation’s compass. While the rest of the country is far from convinced, they feel strong and sure, because the needle is pointing to the North. ... continuar...


Central American-US Free Trade Agreement: Opportunity or Nightmare for Nicaragua?
The seventh round of negotiations for a free trade agreement between Central America and the United States is scheduled for September 15-19 in Managua. Our reflections on textile investments and agriculture offer clues to Nicaragua’s future once the treaty is signed. ... continuar...


Caribbean Coast: Multiethnic, Multilingual ...and Finally Autonomous?
After 16 years, the National Assembly finally approved a regulatory law to implement the Autonomy Statute for Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast. After such a long wait, what shape is the Coast in to receive it? Four Caribbean voices from Bilwi and Bluefields, the two autonomous regions’ capitals, offer their views. ... continuar...


Youth Gang Members and Tattoos: Stigma, Identity and Art
Young people everywhere are using tattoos as a sign of identity. What specific meanings do youth gangs attach to the ones they choose? The following reflection on the modern-day identity, stigma and art expressed in this ancient cultural expression is based on the most common tattoos used in one gang-dominated section of Managua. ... continuar...


“We Urgently Need a Secular State For the Sake of Women’s Health”
A gynecologist and activist on women’s issues describes some of the extremely serious health problems women face due to the lack of state policies on population, health and education that are at all in touch with reality. ... continuar...


CONTINUING CONTROVERSY OVER NICAS IN IRAQ A task force of 115 Nicaraguan army personnel (sappers, doctors and their defense support) left Nicaragua for Spain, en route for Iraq, on August 12.... continuar...

El Salvador

A “Hard Hand”: State Violence Against Youth Gangs
El Salvador’s government has decided to respond with force and violence to the social problem represented by youth gangs. Its objectives are clearly electoral and its style is the repressive authoritarianism deeply rooted in the ARENA party. ... continuar...


The March on Tegucigalpa: “It’s Our Water!”
Hondurans have just carried out their country’s largest, best organized, and most coherently focused demonstration in the last forty years, the first step on a road full of challenges. ... continuar...

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