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  Number 257 | Diciembre 2002



A Country Lost in Its Labyrinth One Year into the “New Era”
Do we have the country we deserve? Or must we make ourselves deserving of the country we want and are obliged to build? The none-too-encouraging sum-up of 2002 forces us to reflect on and actively work toward this goal. ... continuar...


Living and Surviving In a Multiply Wounded Country
Trauma and pain afflict not only individuals. When they become widespread and ongoing, they affect entire communities and even the country as a whole. As this socially conscious psychologist explains, the implications are serious for people’s health, the resilience of the country’s social fabric, the success of development schemes, and the hope of future generations. ... continuar...


Recession in 2002, Growth in 2003?
The IMF program for Nicaragua has very weak foundations. The political morass in which the country is stuck is only increasing the feeling of uncertainty, but we still have no development plan, just the promise of more adjustments. ... continuar...


The Religious Question and the Myth of the Army
The Guatemalan army sees itself as both mother and father, as a god. But this “god” is a violent one that finds enemies everywhere and uses weapons and terror to defend a society dominated by wealthy elites. All we can expect from it is a deluge of violence, which is exactly what abounds today in Guatemala. ... continuar...


President Maduro’s First Year: The Worst is Yet to Come
Grassroots protests in October and November against privatizing water received national coverage despite the fact that they started in an outlying municipality, creating new awareness among the people of their own power. Next year could see the birth of more organized opposition ... continuar...

América Latina

From the Feminization of Poverty to Women’s Political Leadership
The profound crisis in Argentina has revealed a trend that marks a step forward in women’s historical struggle. And there are signs that what has happened there is beginning to happen all over Latin America. ... continuar...


World Trade Rules: Rabbit and Tiger in the Same Cage
CAFOD has produced a “simple guide” to the ideas behind its Trade Justice Campaign, an initiative to which other European aid agencies are also committed. This guide, edited here by envío , will be handed out widely during the Puerto Alegre Social Forum to be held in Brazil in January 2003. ... continuar...

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