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  Number 255 | Octubre 2002



NICARAGUA-COSTA RICA AGREEMENT During an extraordinary summit meeting of Central American Presidents held in Alajuela, Costa Rica, on September 25-26, the Presidents of Nicaragua and Costa Rica... continuar...


Part 1: The Political Scene: One Step Forward, How Many Back?
When the legitimate search for transparency takes even one step forward, the "legality" that keeps us trapped in the caudillos’ pact must necessarily take several steps backward. For all that, a "national consensus" based on corruption and impunity looms ahead. ... continuar...


Part 2: The Economic Scene: The Unpayable Internal Debt Is the Budget’s "Black Hole"
The 2003 budget agreed to by the executive and the IMF will soon take center stage in the mass of negotiations and deals absorbing the political elite today. At the heart of this budget is a "black hole" that no one wants to discuss openly but that is swallowing up the country’s scarce resources. ... continuar...


Twelve Days In a Concentration Camp
The experience of 12 days working in a textile export assembly plant provides an impression of how employees work, live, think and feel in the free trade zones sprouting up all over Nicaragua that will supposedly bring us economic development.... continuar...


A State Denying Its Roots: Ten Million Indigenous People
"We don’t want to stop being indigenous, we want to stop being poor." The Mexican government, however, has buffeted them with the Indigenous Law, now upheld by the judicial branch as well as the executive and legislative branches, which neither respects them nor supports their efforts to overcome poverty. ... continuar...


A Traumatized Population Learning to Heal Itself
The enormous difficulties Central America faces in its economic and human development are not just material and financial; they are also of the mind, body and spirit. More and more people are coming to understand that, and are taking skillful steps in that direction. ... continuar...


A Global Ethic
Can international consensus be achieved on a set of principles that could form a planetary ethic? In the past ten years, the first major steps have been taken, with the world’s theologians and churches in the lead. ... continuar...


Realities and Appearances In the Fight against Corruption
The fight against corruption, which has provoked such novelties, controversies and contradictions in Nicaragua, must be placed in a broader context of time and space.... continuar...

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