Envío Digital
Central American University - UCA  
  Number 253 | Agosto 2002



La Guaca: Treasure, Burial and Maturing
Guaca is a treasure hidden to avoid discovery; tracking it down gives cause for great celebration. Guacas were also our Pre-Colombian ancestors’ tombs. And a guaca is a hole in the ground where fruit is put to mature. Nicaragua has found a guaca , opened it, celebrated, and hopes to use it to bury the worst of its history and ensure a more mature future. ... continuar...


Nicaragua’s Youth Today: Fresas, Revolutionaries, Revelers, Hippies
"The more one appears to be who one wants to be, the more authentic one is," says Pedro Almodóvar in "Todo sobre mi madre." A survey of university students from the UCA lets us identify what they want to be, the symbols of identity they don, their faces and their masks. ... continuar...


We Were Sold (and Bought) A Health System That Doesn’t Work
Dr. Jaime Espinosa Ferrando, a public health expert and specialist in health systems and economics, shares with envío his reflections on Nicaragua’s health crisis.... continuar...


Atenco: Machetes Challenge Neoliberalism
The Atenco peasant farmer’s rebelliousness and love of the land forced President Fox to change course, proving that eople can challenge and even defeat money’s power with the power and flash of machetes. ... continuar...

América Latina

The New Ecology: Exploiting Forests to Preserve Them
Traditional ecology dominates current thinking and has a powerful influence on the laws, policies and decisions made in the North to preserve forests in the South. But the new cological trends that are defying the myths of traditional ecology could prove decisive for Latin America.... continuar...


Trading Away the Future
Globaphobics are not the only ones questioning NAFTA’s investor-state mechanism and its extension throughout the Americas. More and more voices of authority are warning about the design of the new Free Trade Area of the Americas nd its negative consequences for the continent’s future.... continuar...

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