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  Number 248 | Marzo 2002



CENTRAL AMERICAN SUMMIT PREPARES FOR BUSH AND FTA Central America’s Presidents held a special meeting in Managua on February 28 to hammer out consensual positions on both the March 24 visit... continuar...


Dilemmas in the Fight against the Cancer of Corruption
How far will Alemán’s hunger for power drive him? How far might Bolaños’ desire for change take him? How much pressure is the United States prepared to exert? Corruption is a cancer and Bolaños’ "New Era" is up against many complex obstacles in treating it. ... continuar...


Micro-salaries and Mega-salaries: Mega-inequality and Micro-development
Nicaragua’s economic history has been shaped by accumulation patterns that explain our underdevelopment. Enormous differences in salaries reflect an extremely unjust distribution of wealth that is also at the root of our poverty. ... continuar...


Case 12,230: Zoilamérica Narváez vs. the Nicaraguan State
On March 4, 2002, Nicaragua’s new government accepted an Inter-American Commission on Human Rights commendation to reach a "friendly agreement" with Zoilamérica Narváez. It was tacit admission that the state had indeed violated her rights by denying her access to justice. That the commission admitted her suit, heard her testimony and proposed such a settlement was in turn tacit acceptance of the truth of her accusations. Zoilamérica made the following declaration just before going to Washington to testify before the commission. ... continuar...

El Salvador

Images and Realities as the FTA Approaches
The peace accords were signed a decade ago, but many of their points have not yet been fulfilled. Meanwhile, a Free Trade Agreement is imminent between the United States and Central America, sparking an abundance of grandiose dreams. The problem is that there is no social movement to ensure against unwanted impositions. ... continuar...


Militarization in Ixcán: Thin Red Lines
The war is over forever. But the army remains in many areas of Guatemala, which are still cut through by the thin red lines of military logic. ... continuar...


AIDS: A Sign of our Times
In September 2001, El Salvador hosted the Latin American Catholic Theological Consultation on AIDS to reflect on an undeniable sign of the times in the light of God’s word. ... continuar...


Cyberculture: Challenges and Unknowns
How much are the new technologies changing our way of working, thinking and feeling? What politics and what ethics arise out of cyberculture? The inequalities between "info-poor" and "info-rich" are creating ever-widening gaps. One way to go would be to comprehend and share.... continuar...

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