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  Number 241 | Agosto 2001



A Predictable Disaster Competes with A Predicted Electoral Process
Acute rural hunger is overshadowing the electoral campaign. It is a problem requiring that candidates and voters alike put aside their polarization and begin to cooperate. What are the chances that problems such as this will find solutions once the electoral process, so tainted with exclusion and bi- caudillismo , is over? ... continuar...


"These Elections Are Devoid of Ideology"
Historian Aldo Díaz Lacayo was a diplomat under the Sandinista government and is still an FSLN activist. The following are some of his reflections on the electoral process that culminates in November. ... continuar...


The Chronicle of Coffee: History, Responsibility and Questions
The descendants of those who rose up 120 years ago are going hungry today. Their tragedy reveals the decline of coffee. Is it irreversible? It’s time for an economic mutation, but are we ready? Can we do it? ... continuar...


POLITICIZATION OF CSE GOES ALL THE WAY Intensifying to the nth degree the two-party politicization of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), the electoral authorities decided in early July that... continuar...


The Sales Tax Goes Up and Legitimacy Goes Down
It’s been years since Guatemala has seen such massive protests. People reject the sales tax hike, convinced that the government will waste the taxes through incompetence and devour them through corruption. The government’s legitimacy is plummeting. ... continuar...


The Puebla-Panama Plan and the Indigenous Law: Cut from the Same Cloth
As the illusions aroused by President Fox’s election dissipate, he is promoting the Puebla-Panama Plan as his top economic initiative. Meanwhile, the process of approving the indigenous law, which wrongs and insults Mexico’s indigenous peoples, has revealed a deeply divided country. ... continuar...


NGOs: Somewhere between Compassion, Profitability and Solidarity
After more than four decades of existence, the varied NGO world is caught in deep contradictions. If the North’s NGOs are genuinely seeking ways to help overcome the poverty in the South, they have yet to find many answers. ... continuar...

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