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  Number 234 | Enero 2001



Agriculture to the Emergency Ward: Intensive Care Required
First, let’s look at the diagnosis. The numbers speak for themselves, and what they are saying to us so clearly forces us to think about more radical cures to shake us out of routine remedies. ... continuar...


Writing the Script for Nicaragua’s Election Drama
The movie theater is still dark, the electoral script constantly hanging. The lead actors think they know their roles, but with the plot barely defined so far, the film could have a tragic ending, or maybe a more existential one. ... continuar...


ENTRY INTO THE HIPC After two attempts to get into the Initiative for Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC), which failed because the Alemán administration was not exercising good governance,... continuar...

El Salvador

Dollarization and the Earthquake: Two Manmade Disasters
On January 13, a major earthquake shook all of El Salvador, affecting over a million inhabitants who were still reeling from another national disaster that had hit only days earlier: the dollarization of the economy. ... continuar...


A Portrait in Pastels of Honduras’ New Cardinal
Oscar Rodríguez, the 58-year-old bishop of Tegucigalpa, is one of 10 Latin Americans among 37 newly named Cardinals. Honduras, euphoric, is already dreaming of his becoming the next Pope. ... continuar...


Fox and the Zapatistas: Clearing the Path to Peace
The Zapatistas, Subcomandante Marcos in the lead, are coming to Mexico City to negotiate indigenous rights. They are coming with their masks and with all their experience What steps led to this event? ... continuar...


Espinosa Villareal: The Tip of an Iceberg
In mid-November, a typical "big fish" in the ocean of PRI corruption took refuge in Nicaragua, in a shady deal apparently worked out by the Zedillo and Alemán governments. This is a brief summary of his record. ... continuar...


Shipwreck: NGOs to the Rescue
Some time ago, I was told a startling parable. It was about a place somewhere in the South where people lived in ramshackle boats that barely stayed afloat and in fact they often sank… ... continuar...

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