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  Number 231 | Octubre 2000



The Clouds in the Electoral Skies
Today’s clouds are threatening to rain on tomorrow’s hopes, and the different ideologies don’t account for what’s happening. It should be the time for ethics, but the calendar says… ah yes, it’s just election time. ... continuar...


A Serpent’s Egg: The New Electoral Law
The reformed electoral law reinforces the two-party system, which in turn strengthens the market-based electoral model that prospered under the Cold War but is now obsolete. Meanwhile, the PLC and the FSLN hawk their electoral wares despite the fact that they no longer represent the interests of the country’s different social or regional sectors. ... continuar...


Another Serpent’s Egg: Political Apathy
Uncertainty reigns in Nicaragua today, and will do so until the presidential elections. It, in turn, is triggering dangerous political apathy, which the municipal election results will only heighten. ... continuar...


GAMES BANKERS AND POLITICIANS PLAY On September 7, producers from various parts of the country together with employees of the Centeno brothers took over the National Assembly, led by FSLN secretary... continuar...


Boozegate: A Revealing Ethical-Political Earthquake
The Fiscal Pact was a positive, unprecedented step. But once signed and ready for implementation, all parties failed it: the executive branch, the legislative branch and private enterprise. Meanwhile, a political and ethical scandal has made even learer the limits and lies in Alfonso Portillo’s project. ... continuar...


Fox’s First Moves in a Tough Transition
On July 2, Mexicans rejected a political system sustained for so long through corruption and authoritarianism. The task now is to prevent authoritarianism from taking root again. There is danger that the PRI will be dismantled behind people’s back, but expectations are running high. ... continuar...


Comrades and Investors: The Uncertain Transition in Cuba
Cuba’s economic reform leans toward the restoration of capitalism, though in the name of socialism and administered by the Communist Party. But the tendency is not inexorable; there are alternatives to reverse it. ... continuar...

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