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  Number 225 | Abril 2000



VETERANS PROTEST On April 6, hundreds of veterans from the Nicaraguan Resistance set up barricades at various strategic points along major highways. Their single demand was for a definitive... continuar...


Do They Want the Elections or Don’t They?
The Alemán government has faced many difficult moments in its four years, but this one is unquestionably the worst. The international community is calling the President to task for the tide of corruption inundating his administration; even the US is upset. About the only port in Alemán’s storm is the FSLN. With the municipal elections only six months away, what do these two conspirators have in mind? ... continuar...


William Grigsby: "Refounding" the Sandinista movement
William Grigsby is one of the most incisive and radical voices of Nicaraguan radio and of the Sandinista movement. epresenting a current in the FSLN that calls itself the "Sandinista Left," Grigsby spoke with envío in two talks that we reproduce here about the Sandinista Movement’s evolution and its future prospects. ... continuar...

El Salvador

The FMLN’s relative victory
ARENA suffered its worst defeat ever, but the right still won in last month’s elections. The FMLN won a significant victory, but it is only relative. The high abstention level provided a warning sign and the massive support for Monsignor Romero’s memory a sign of hope. ... continuar...


Portillo’s First 75 Days: Lots of Noise, Few Results
It’s still too early do a balance sheet on Guatemala’s new government, but we can already see signs of certain styles, vices and future conflicts. The new President quickly hit the nail on the head when he insisted that the "mother of all battles" in Guatemala’s economy would be the fiscal one. It will be a rough war indeed in a country where the rich refuse to pay taxes. ... continuar...


The PRI’s Agenda: Manipulation, Corruption and Violence
Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, which has controlled the state for the past 70 years, is loyal to only two concepts: corruption and impunity. Without a shift in economic policy, poverty will continue to increase. And if the PRI remains in the presidency, there will be no shift. ... continuar...


Seattle: First Fruit of a Changing Epoch
Today, when powerful small minorities from the wealthy countries can decide at will, comfortably-off midsize minorities from those same countries can hold them accountable. When the latter hook up with other concerned minorities from the poor countries, the alliance can be unbeatable. ... continuar...

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