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  Number 218 | Septiembre 1999



Is the Game All Sewn Up? Questions and Contradictions
Is there any possibility that a third force, an honest one with strategic vision, could emerge to counteract the sortsighted electoral mania that goes so far to explain the FSLN-PLC pact? What new contradictions could triggers such an initiative? In what new spaces could it develop? And who might decide to get into that game?... continuar...


LEGISLATOR MURDERED BY A MINOR Rancher José Cuadra, the Conservative Party of Nicaragua's representative in the National Assembly, was shot to death in a vehicle near his farm in Rancho Grande,... continuar...


Ocotal: Urban Planning for People
Not all of the post-Mitch reconstruction experiences have been slow, seriously flawed or inadequate. An interesting and rather exemplary project is developing in Ocotal. In the course of building new homes for hurricane victims, Ocotal has discovered elements essential to a humane and sustainable development process.... continuar...

El Salvador

Finding Children: Working for Peace
The idea of trying to find boys and girls who had disappeared during the war arose in 1993. By the next year that idea had grown into Probúsqueda, a small mission for peace whose contribution is immense. From below, starting from the smallest clue and working with infinite patience, it reunites families separated for years. In so doing, it is reconstructing family histories truncated by painful experiences that Salvadorans must never forget.... continuar...


Seeking New Ground In the General’s Shadow
Despite the peace process, civilian authority in Guatemala remains hemmed in, with surprisingly little strategic information in its grasp. The shaggy, hidden hand of the retired army officers still rules, even if it no longer governs. And now the shadow of retired general Efraín Ríos Montt and his followers hovers over the President's office.... continuar...


<i>Maquila</i> Workers: A New Breed of Women?
The maquilas have created thousands of new jobs, most of them for young women. The factory is a place where all kinds of women come together, where one finds a wide range of human, particularly female, experience. The convergence of this diversity combined with economic independence might just create the mold for a different model of womanhood.... continuar...


Five Basic Theses on the Third World Foreign Debt
The warning bells have sounded and the clamor is now general: the world's economy is at the edge of the abyss. The solution to the foreign debt problem of the poor countries in the South demands recognition of this larger crisis. Different economic policies are urgently needed, as are technological modifications and, above all, a stress on human beings.... continuar...


The "Solution" of the Rich
In June, the G-7 heads of state offered a purely cosmetic "solution" to the millions of anguished poor in the South and the millions of aware and sensitive people worldwide who are demanding cancellation of the poor countries' entire foreign debt.... continuar...


Several Key Questions
Debt cancellation strategies should grow out of a more participatory process. In this context, we need to ask ourselves some questions about the cancellation of the foreign debt, and begin to think about the answers.... continuar...

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