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  Number 217 | Agosto 1999



First Impacts of a Devil’s Pact
The PLC-FSLN pact has no social agenda, but that's not stopping it from going ahead; in fact its first impacts are already being felt. A pact without people. A people without leaders. Two political bosses without ideology. And many producers of ideology with nobody interested in embracing it. This is the sad vacuum into which Nicaragua has been sucked.... continuar...


ALEMÁN FIDDLES WHILE VOLCANOS BURN A string of some 200 tremors, the strongest reaching 4.7 degrees on the Richter Scale, was recorded in northwest Nicaragua starting on August 4. The alarm... continuar...


Terrabona Wants Land With Titles and Fences
The Mitch victims of Terrabona and many other rural zones want family vegetable garden projects and reforestation projects. But above all they want a deed for their land in their own name. And they want their lands fenced in, finally. Why is no NGO taking up this peasant demand?... continuar...


The Old Man and the Tigers
Reports of a quasi-coup in Honduras circled the world at the end of July. Although that's not exactly what it was, it is nonetheless interesting to examine what does lie behind this incident among Honduran military leaders, referred to derisively by some as “the tigers.”... continuar...


Government’s Armor, People’s Awakening
The government’s financial policy has been placed in the dock as never before by the FOBAPROA audit, the students continue to defy the system, Subcomandante Marcos is strongly questioning the United Nations and the PRI could lose the presidential elections. These are novel and encouraging processes, but it is impossible to foresee their end results.... continuar...

América Latina

Agrarian Reforms: The Latin American Legacy (part 2)
How should we assess the agrarian reforms implemented in Latin America between the 1950s and 1980s? Did they achieve their original objectives of redistributing income or eradicating poverty? What remnants of the reforms have the cold winds of neoliberalism left behind? What is their most important legacy?... continuar...


A Rebel in the Cause Of African Renaissance
There are prophets in Africa. One, the author of this speech, is Thabo Mbeki, Vice-President in Nelson Mandela's government and recently elected President of South Africa by his people. Like a prophet, Mbeka not only denounces present ills and injustice but also announces the change to come. We are publishing this declaration because what he says, if the names alone are changed, rings true for us as well, in Nicaragua and Central America. The pain of Africa is also our pain and the African Renaissance that he passionately proposes must be our cry as well. (See also the letter “Africa’s Pain in this edition)... continuar...

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