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  Number 207 | Octubre 1998



A Country Still in the Making
Nicaragua is a work in progress, and little of what has been built so far is very sturdy. Thinking about how to shore up the structure and then actually doing it require time, institutions, laws, patience and honesty.... continuar...


The Paths to Corruption
A report written at the end of the Chamorro government by Dora María Téllez, former National Assembly epresentative (1990-1997) and current president of the Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS). Corruption does not depend only on the attitudes of persons or groups. It is made possible by cultural factors, institutions, legal frameworks, economic conditions, lack of norms, political practices ... What made corruption possible during the government of Violeta Chamorro? It is impossible to measure the magnitude of institutional corruption between 1990 and 1996, and it must be admitted that, in the face of it, Nicaraguan society show a high degree of tolerance.... continuar...


WHITHER THE ZOILÁMERICA CASE? On September 19, the National Assembly's executive board, dominated by the Liberals, announced that it would form a "very special" commission to study Zoilamérica... continuar...


The Cattle Business: We Must Risk Another Model
Where is Nicaragua cattle production headed? Toward turning the forests into pasturelands? And despite that ecological disaster toward insufficient quantities of milk and meat and low-quality leather? Is the present system the only way, or could another model overcome the errors of the past and guarantee the future?... continuar...

El Salvador

Double-Edged Presidential Ticket
The only adversary of the FMLN is now the right, which is re-concentrating its economic power in fewer hands and causing misery to prevail in the rest of the country. “Let us join hands and assure ourselves of a resounding victory on March 7th, 1999, so that we will celebrate on June 1st in the gardens of the presidential residence.” -- Facundo Guardado, September 28th.... continuar...


FOBAPROA: Another State Party Crime
In a democratic country the FOBAPROA scandal would have sufficed to bring a government down, but in Mexico the party regimen of the state makes the president untouchable. Clinton tottered because of an act of perjury in regards to his private life, but Zedillo is impervious to sanction even in the face of wholesale illegality and the economic disaster of an entire country. ... continuar...

América Latina

The Rights and Duties of Community Radio
On the 50th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights, and also 50 years after the first educational radio station in Latin America went on the air in Colombia, the radio broadcasters of Latin America and the Caribbean who belong to the World Association of Community Radio(AMARC) are studying and discussing the 26 points of its draft "Charter of Community and Civic Radio," which we present below.... continuar...

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