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  Number 205 | Agosto 1998



CONTROVERSIAL PRESIDENTIAL TRIP In early August President Arnoldo Alemán made an eight-day official trip to Argentina and Uruguay. As has already become common on other presidential travels,... continuar...


Re-election: Centerpiece of the Pact
The crisis with Costa Rica over the Río San Juan has not completely overshadowed the PLC-FSLN pact, which is moving forward by careful calculation to provide the turbulent political waters an exclusively two-party outlet. ... continuar...


A Political Crime That's Threatening The Peace Process
Although the investigation into the murder of Bishop Gerardi has taken an unexpected and scandalous direction, there can be no doubt that it was a political crime. Can depicting it as a crime of passion be a key element in the puzzle so ably designed by the upper echelons of military power? The future of the peace process is intimately linked with clarification of the facts in this case.... continuar...


Challenges Before 2000 A Dream for 2020
The social cooperation processes initiated in Panama in 1993 resulted in May of 1998 in a historical document entitled “National Vision 2020”, which describes the common dream of the country that everybody desires to have by that year. More immediately, in the next 18 months, four basic challenges face the people of Panama.... continuar...


After Our Silence
In this "Fifth Declaration from Selva Lacandona," translated below by envío, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) has spoken again. In the name of peace, justice and democracy, it has asked that its voice echo and multiply so that the world can understand what is happening in Chiapas—so that indigenous rights will be supported in- ternationally.... continuar...


Masks, Silences and Winds from Below
On July 19, Subcomandante Marcos broke a silence of over four months when he issued an extensive text that beautifully, accurately and painfully analyzes the situation of Mexico today. The following is a reproduction of his message, parts of which have been edited for reasons of space.... continuar...


Women: The Other Face of Power
The presence of women in political posts is not a quantitative matter of more or less generous quotas. Nor is it the way to make people aware of “women’s problems” and the need to struggle around them. The important thing is the presence of “the different”, the irruption of private values into the realm of the public. When this happens, politics will become more human and democracy will reveal its meaning.... continuar...

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