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  Number 202 | Mayo 1998



BIG DRUG BUST On a lonely Pacific Coast beach of the department of Rivas in mid-April, a little before the "presidential drug jet" scandal broke, the National Police captured 1,640 kilos of... continuar...


We are Hitting Bottom: Where is the Way Up and Out?
Are we witnessing the first incontrovertible evidence that Nicaragua is at the mercy of drug traffickers? Will society react in time? Will the still uncontaminated institutions, the honest and responsible political and social leaders, know how to turn this dreadful mishap into an opportunity?... continuar...


The Killing Stone, Bedrock of Peace?
The brutal murder of bishop Juan Gerardi is an assault with unpredictable consequences against the peace that is only beginning to be established in Guatemala. It reveals the extent to which the violence of the traditional power brokers continues to be present in the country, and it constitutes a tremendous challenge for the government of Alvaro Arzú. ... continuar...


Some Voices of the 55,000 Victims
On April 24th the auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Guatemala, Juan Gerardi, presented in the cathedral of the capital the final report of the Catholic Church’s project, “Recovery of Historical Memory”, which Gerardi coordinated. The report, entitled “Never Again”, recalls and recounts the horrible events that marked the prolonged armed conflict experienced by Guatemala from 1960 to 1996.... continuar...


Central America's Granary: Reflections from Europe
The difference between societies that advance and those that stagnate resides in their capacity to react to challenges of first magnitude, such as the challenge presented to Nicaragua by the rural world, or that presented to Central America by regional agrarian policy.... continuar...

América Latina

When Children Organize And Want to Work
On April 19th the Global March against Labor Exploitation of Children and Adolescents reached Nicaragua. Since February it has been traveling around the world, representing social organizations of 90 countries and denouncing the working conditions that 250 million children worldwide are forced to suffer because of their extreme poverty. It is time to reflect on children’s organizations and the rights that working children justly claim in Latin America.... continuar...

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