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  Number 198 | Enero 1998



Banks, Mini-Banks and Rural Producers
After the subsidized credit in the 80s and the absence of credit in the 90s, the majority of small-farmer families require savings institutions and adequate credit facilities. Banking laws should be made more flexible so that banks and “mini-banks” can respond to the needs of the Nicaraguan countryside.... continuar...


NICA EMIGRANTS OFF THE HOOK A bill sponsored by Cuban-American Republicans Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln Díaz Balart and voted into law under the name "Aid to Victims of Communism" at the... continuar...


Uncertainty at Year's End
With the new property law now passed, what pending problems will it resolve? And what new businesses will it facilitate? Will the Liberals split in 1998? And will the FSLN revitalize itself or continue to self-destruct? Will civil society remain dispersed, perplexed and passive? We should start getting some clues to these questions early in the new year.... continuar...

El Salvador

A Tiny Endangered Country
The Salvadoran revolution in the imminent 21st century must be an ecological revolution, an environmental revolution that boldly and radically reverses a long history of greed. If action is not undertaken immediately, the country will perish.... continuar...


Church-State: Reviewing the History
The indigenous insurrection in Chiapas has been an event with national impact, and it has involved continuous tensions between the Mexican state and the Catholic Church which, for lack of vision, lost a golden opportunity in 1992 and which today runs the risk of missing the boat of history completely.... continuar...

América Latina

A School Where People Learn How to Learn
THE EFFECTS OF ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL GLOBALIZATION ARE DENOUNCED DAILY but, given that transnational interests move with the same objectives in the economic and cultural fields, we should denounce the hegemonic domination that globalization wants to have over culture with the same force.... continuar...

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