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  Number 196 | Noviembre 1997



The Problem of Property And Property Owners
Once again the theme of property is at the center of a national hurricane. We offer here a few general sketches drawn from history, already known but useful to recall, in order to help understand better where the toughest knot of the property problem is today and where it can be tomorrow. ... continuar...


An Accord Besieged by Discord
Political pact? Accord between two economic groups? Agreement between head honchos? At least an understanding? Who won? Who lost? And how with the national future be affected by this agreement between the government and the FSLN regarding property?... continuar...


IMF VISIT Negotiations over the new structural adjustment agreement between the Nicaraguan government and the International Monetary Fund mission that arrived in mid-September are taking place... continuar...

El Salvador

End of ARENA and Future of the FMLN
ARENA’s deterioration has been rapid: its divisions are ever more evident and a scandalous financial fraud is presently sullying the highest-placed leaders. This situation allows the FMLN to open new spaces and broaden the spaces it already holds. It may be able to occupy them successfully if it knows how to resolve its great dilemma.... continuar...


The Left: A Past with no Present But with a Future?
The left: dispersed, decimated, exhausted and confused? Able to create a new party, one that is capable of dialogue and making new alliances? Willing to combat verticalism and authoritarianism? The debate on the future of the left is worldwide, and it’s also being debated in Guatemala. ... continuar...


Contadora and Esquipulas Ten Years later
In 1987 the Contadora initiative was transformed and stayed alive, with a future and with meaning. What about the Esquipulas II accord? After interring the revolution in Nicaragua, it leaves Central America in the place the empire always assigned to it: a sad corner of the “backyard”. ... continuar...


Lavalas: A Fork in the Road
The Lavalas movement, which made possible the downfall of the Duvalier dictatorship, has divided its paths. The Lavalas Family (FL), headed by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and the Lavalas Political Organization have manifested the differences in the policies, proposals and leadership. The die is cast, and Haiti can be playing its future in this bet.... continuar...

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