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  Number 189 | Abril 1997



Whither US Solidarity with Nicaragua?
What are the challenges and dilemmas currently facing the progressive movement of Nicaraguan solidarity in the U.S.? In February envĂ­o participate in a meeting of the solidarity movement in Washington and got to know these challenges.... continuar...


Municipalities: Where Democracy is Born
Fortifying and insuring autonomy to the municipalities is a democratic task still pending. Why to do it? Today in Nicaragua the tendency towards municipalism could begin to meet obstacles in Liberal authoritarianism. ... continuar...


All Threads Lead to The Property Tangle
Are we experiencing a return to Somocismo? For the moment, some heirs of Somoza have returned to the stage, as have certain styles of governing that are worrisome. At the base of it all is the intricate maze of property problems.... continuar...


DEMOBILIZATION OF REARMED HITS SOME SNAGS A proposal by the new Ministry of Government to give amnesty to those in the rearmed groups who hand over their weapons caused intense controversy,... continuar...

Estados Unidos

The US Drug Fight: A Form of Social Control
The United States has decertified Colombia for its failure to control drug trafficking. It is one more piece in the U.S. strategy for the social control of Blacks and Hispanics on a basis of hate and fear.... continuar...


The Dead in the West's Basement
Today's dominating system has proclaimed itself victorious: god is dead, Marx is dead, liberation theology died. They wish it were true but, as Franz Hinkelammert argues in this article, it is not. Humanity's survival depends on our resistance so it will not become true.... continuar...

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