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  Number 182 | Septiembre 1996



From Penniless Plot Holders To Peasant Producers
Will the next government preserve the important gains of the agrarian reform? The key is helping the former cooperative members of the 80s, now plot holders plagued by crisis, become peasant producers. Every candidate is faced with this challenge. ... continuar...


The Coffee that Comes Out on a Mule
It is not right that so many thousands of rural families in Nicaragua should continue producing coffee with so many difficulties. Every one of the candidates should feel challenged to support them, count on them and believe in them.... continuar...


The Campaign Starting Gun Has Been Fired
Whoever comes out as winner will spend his five years in office establishing the bases for overcoming the country’s crisis. Since resources are scarce, the bases must be honesty and efficiency of administration, and above all ability to mobilize people so that they participate in governing. ... continuar...


HURRICANE CAESAR On July 27, Hurricane Caesar crossed laterally over Nicaragua with winds of 130 150 kilometers per hour, entering at the Bluff and Kukra Hill in the South Atlantic Autonomous... continuar...

El Salvador

What Has Changed?
The worst of the nation’s past remains present in the land: intolerance, anachronistic mentalities, threats, illegal methods... This political subculture has roots that go deeper than the feeble roots developed so far by the Peace Agreements. The country moves, but on its own axis.... continuar...


The Culture of Mistrust
The crime wave has injected mistrust and suspicion into people’s relatiosnhips. Other forms of mistrust also increase, but the most hopeful is the ever greater mistrust that poor people feel towards the politicians, who promise everything and deliver nothing.... continuar...


Armed Forces As Peacemaker?
Some years ago they waged cruel wars and were the unquestionable center of power. Today they claim to be for dialogue, tolerance, human rights and social equity. This is a key document for Central American history.... continuar...


A Population Still Unsatisfied
The Haitian people are still unsatisfied with their democracy. There is much disappointment, but also much reflection. The new local authorities play a responsible role. There is a pause, but the people remain active. ... continuar...


Narcissism: The Epidemic of Our Time
Excessive individualism, cult of the private, anxiety for success, image and power... We live in the “culture of the I”, in the “generation of Narcissus”. Left behind is solidarity, “the pass for the we”. What is the cure for this sickness?... continuar...

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