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  Number 18 | Diciembre 1982



“The Silent war Against Nicaragua: Strategy of terror”
NEWS AND ANALYSIS UPDATE FROM NOVEMBER 5 TO DECEMBER 5, 1982 The militarist foreign policy of the Reagan administration has been ratified, and the perspectives for Nicaragua within the general framework of the region are complex and replete with difficulties.... continuar...


The Situation Of Banana Production In Nicaragua
THE WITHDRAWAL OF STANDARD. “There is a song that says, ‘A course in extreme misery made me a doctor’. Misery has made us all technicians in our work. Production continues. Our morale remains high”. Luis, local union leader on Nicaragua’s banana plantations, went on to tell IHCA how production is moving forward despite Standard Fruit’s recent withdrawal from Nicaragua.... continuar...


Miskitos in Honduras and Nicaragua:A Divided People a Manipulated Banner?
What is the situation of the displaced Miskito Indians on either side of the border? This wide region called Moskitia knows no legal boundaries between Honduras and Nicaragua.... continuar...

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