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  Number 173 | Diciembre 1995



Agrarian Property and Stability
There is no one property problem. The problems are many an complex when it comes to agrarian properties. They are all related to one another and affect very diverse groups. The solution that prevails should not be one that favors only the most powerful ones.... continuar...


Two Just Laws: 85 and 86
In 1983 the Sandinista government decided not to carry out the urban reform that had already been designed. This move deprived the revolution of a juridical framework in a most important area. In 1990 a legal framework had to be created in precipitous fashion. ... continuar...


Privatizing TELCOR: Not the Only or Best Solution
The present times require that behind every protest there be a proposal, one that responds to every neoliberal measure with a viable alternative. Whether successful or not, the proposal should make us think and should show us that the present model is neither the best nor the only one. The TELCOR workers provide us with such a proposal.... continuar...


Poverty: An Incurable Epidemic?
What treatment for poverty? This is a key question that society must ask the many candidates. People must work for a reasoned vote. They must also watch out to be sure there are elections – some want to cancel them. ... continuar...


ELECTORAL SKIRMISHES Antonio Lacayo inaugurated the Managua campaign headquarters of his National Project (PRONAL) in mid October, giving out posters and banners in several neighborhoods of... continuar...

El Salvador

Does this Economic Model have a Future?
What is happening with the Salvadoran economy? The application of growth patterns proper to developed economies accentuates a dual economy: a minority with the lifestyles of the rich North and a majority that can not even subsist: they neither eat nor work.... continuar...


The Election Scene
The reason for the lack of credibility in the Guatemalan electoral process has to do with the political surroundings. The midwife of democracy’s return has been the counter-insurgency, and the transition has been a transfusion of blood to save the state.... continuar...


Dialogue Amid Storms and Tremors
There is neither enthusiasm nor urgency in achieving by dialogue the political reform that the country demands. The immediate context conduces to realism, or paralysis. Mexico is still being shaken by a prolonged political quake.... continuar...


One Year After Aristide's Return
With a recently installed Parliament, the country is now receiving strong pressures to privatize everything in favor of a small group. In this moment when Haitians have finally managed to gain democratic control of their country, will they lose economic control over their resources? ... continuar...

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