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  Number 167 | Junio 1995



THE TEACHERS STRIKE: A VICTORY? After 43 days, the teachers' strike in Nicaragua ended April 10 with the help of a pluralist mediating commission. The government increased their monthly salary... continuar...


Hydroponic Farming: An Alternative For Everybody
Many poor people in our cities have discovered the secret of cultivating without land, and this has transformed their lives. Hydroponics is an economic alternative, and also a human one.... continuar...


The Crisis Is Bordering On the Intolerable
An inordinate desire to avoid a “revolution of honesty” that would correct the abuses of the piñatas of the Sandinista and Chamorro governments is what explains the lack of will in the executive and its allies to resolve the present, now intolerable crisis.... continuar...

El Salvador

Glory and the Shame Of the Peace Accords
Salvadorans expect much from the peace accords, but three years after their signing, disappointment is evident on all sides. There is growing awareness that the democratic spaces opened up by the peace process can be maintained only if the culture of participation grows throughout the society.... continuar...


Four Unknowns Before the Elections
Will General Rios Montt be a candidate for president? Will the URNG participate in the elections? Will there be a third force in the process? How will the peace process influence the elections?... continuar...


The Four Flanks Of The Crisis
Mexico's overall crisis is bearing down from four flanks: 1) the economic crisis; 2) Chiapas and its national significance; 3) internal divisions within the hegemonic group in power and 4) society's... continuar...


Cuba: What Fell? What's Going Up?
José Martí fell one hundred years ago. Cuba, with its many and quite radical changes, is now learning to be more like its nationalist hero. Some would say Cuba has given up, sold out to capitalism, but it's not true. While today's changes are redefining the Cuban project, they go to the core of Martí's dream: full national independence and maximum social justice.... continuar...

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