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  Number 165 | Abril 1995



Banana Workers Put Shell on Trial
Is it possible to produce organic bananas? Until now the bananas produced on the plantations of Standard Fruit, abundantly sprayed with Nemagon, have brought only misery and grave illnesses to the workers.... continuar...


The Foxes Are Infighting: But the Hens Aren't Laughing
We cannot continue support recessive politics in the short run, claiming that we will grow in the future. The long run beguns with the short run. And political leaders must understand that.... continuar...


HUMBERTO RETIRED ON CUE On February 21, as he had promised, General Humberto Ortega, head of the Sandinista Popular Army since 1979, went into retirement. He was replaced by General Joaquín... continuar...

El Salvador

Peace Accords Victim of ARENA Contradictions
The lack of compliance with the peace accords and the launching of foolhardy economic “plan” reflect a government devoid of defined leadership, dominated by contradictory forces and lacking in credibility with the people.... continuar...


The Military Wall that Won't Fall
Guatemala’s civil society keeps moving ahead, learning tolerance, training in debate, imagining a new country. It is still surrounded, though, by the high, menacing wall built during decades by the military, which protects impunity and insures an unending history of violence.... continuar...


Mexico: A Crisis in Confidence
Maybe too many lies were told about the economy. Maybe Zedillo is lacking in a national project. Maybe Zedillo is not governing, and the PRI dinosaurs have won the battle. Maybe the solution for Chiapas that was chosen some time back is not really about negotiation.... continuar...


The Economic and the Social: Divorced in Copenhagen
Social goals, such as overcoming poverty, are seen by the left as morally just. By contrast, neoliberals see poverty as something that should be compensated for, but as necessary if we want economic growth. Neither side manages to overcome the divorce between the economic and the social spheres, but overcoming this split is the big challenge for our world.... continuar...

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