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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 159 | Octubre 1994



The Thousand and One Uses of Bamboo
With bamboo you can build a whole house: roof, walls, drains and doors. With bamboo you can make furniture, cloth and paper. You can also eat it, and it’s delicious. And it sells well. It produces the best wood at the least environmental cost. There are a thousand and one reasons while the millennial bamboo should be developed in Nicaragua.... continuar...


Political Ambition; Economic Negligence
Behind the scandal of the huge debts of Minister Roberto Rondón and the transport strikes are a credit policy and a tax policy that are both recessive and highly conditioned by the heavy yoke of foreign debt. ... continuar...


INTERNAL FSLN ELECTIONS Well over 200,000 Sandinista sympathizers, affiliates and militants around the country went to designated centers in their locale to sign up to vote for local, municipal... continuar...


Ecological awareness is growing in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America. Nothing has such silent and profound influence in our lives as the environment surrounding us, protecting our existence... continuar...

El Salvador

Calderón Sol's First 100 Days
With such an unpopular government, one might think that the opposition would win space by presenting creative alternative policies. But that’s not the case. The left continues to be immersed in a labyrinth, seeking their new identity.... continuar...


How Goes the War Process?
In Guatemala poor people have known how to change: in organization, in methods of civic struggle, in strategies. But the economic and military powers have not changed at all. They continue to kill to defend their privileges. Will peace be possible?... continuar...


The "Bull" is in the Ring, Full of Promises
“Need has a hierarchy. Students, workers, small farmers and children are the hierarchy whose orders you should obey. And in Panama the principal hierarchy is held by hunger,” Omar Torrijos used to see to his people. With another style, but the same discourse, the Torrijista PRD is governing again. Will it follow through?... continuar...


Chiapas: The Interminable War for Peace
A great, tense calm covers the mountains where the men and women of the EZLN live. Special army units have them surrounded. Will peace come? A true peace? Peace for the Indians? We don’t know what will happen.... continuar...


Vote of Fear or Fear to Vote?
Five factors explain the results of the Mexican elections. Among them are the fear of change and chaos so skillfully sowed by the PRI. But the greatest fear was the one the PRI itself feels: fear of a free vote for Mexicans. That’s why it organized a gigantic fraud, for which there now is proof.... continuar...


World Bank and IMF to the Stand
As the IMF and the World Bank celebrate their 50th birthday, a universal cry arises for democratic changes in those institutions. What is asked from them as regards foreign debt? What claims are made concerning the works of infrastructure that they finance? ... continuar...

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