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  Number 158 | Septiembre 1994



"NIM": Nature's Own Insecticide
No laboratory in the world has managed to create an insecticide as selective, as original and as respectful of life as the one that is found hidden in the yellow fruit of the neem tree, a plant that already has Nicaraguan citizenship.... continuar...


Crisis in the FSLN: Class Conflict
How is the crisis of the FSLN seen from abroad? How is it seen by a European intellectual who knows Nicaragua well and is faithful to the ideals and interests of the countries of the South?... continuar...


Elites in Search of a National Project?
The governing class of Nicaragua is showing itself to be incapable of lucidity, efficiency, generosity or austerity. These elites are today the country’s principal problem.... continuar...


NO LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL A month of drastic energy rationing throughout Nicaragua (cuts of eight hours a day at first, now reduced to four) has severely affected the country's already... continuar...

El Salvador

All Roads Lead to Impunity
The death squads are undergoing a metamorphosis, evolving towards organized crime and enjoying impunity. The interests of both business associations and popular organizations are coming together now to oppose that impunity.... continuar...


Common Graves: Unearthing the Truth
“On December 7th, 1983, there occurred one of the cruelest and saddest events...” The soldiers responsible for those horrors are still in power, enjoying impunity and thinking of awarding themselves amnesty.... continuar...


Lights of Change in a Blacked out Country
Teachers, banana workers, Indians and soldiers demand just wages, dignity, right to land, the end of impunity and of the enrichment of the high and mighty. They are bright spots that wage war with shadows that are historical. ... continuar...


The Indigenous Speak Out
“The people from the government were astounded when they saw the negotiating capacity and the organizational level of the indigenous communities,” said a priest who accompanied the march to Tegucigalpa by 3000 Honduran Indians.... continuar...


Laws and Electronic mail: an Alternative of Struggle
An international network begins to coordinate effectively the lawyers and scientists who support struggles for the environmental law and the rights of poor people.... continuar...

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