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  Number 156 | Julio 1994



The Marango Makes Magic in Water
It can grow to a height of 15 meters, it offers both shade and beauty, its flowers are whitish yellow and its seeds are able to work the wonder of purifying the drinking water in any household or in the water systems of the largest cities.... continuar...


The New Sandinista Utopia
The Sandinista political force is today faced with a choice: with whom will the Frente unite? On one side the modern neoliberal bourgeoisie is flirting with them, while on the other the economic actors born with the revolution are making demands.... continuar...


Calm Before the Storm?
Since 1990 there has never solidified a strong power center. Will the structural adjustment agreement and the erosion of national life strengthen the leadership of Antonio Lacayo and Arnoldo Alemán? Meanwhile, a broad social consensus seems further away than ever. ... continuar...


TORRICELLI VISIT: AN UNVEILED THREAT At the beginning of June, US Congressman Robert Torricelli (D NJ) made a five day visit to "inspect" Nicaragua's political situation, accompanied by Bianca... continuar...


A Rather Extraordinary Congress
On May 20-22, the FSLN celebrated an extraordinary session of its First Congress, called to debate and pass reforms to the FSLN statutes and program, both of which were approved during the Congress session... continuar...


Ben Linder's Dream: Electricity Comes to Bocay
Just over seven years after US hydroelectric engineer, clown, unicyclist and political activist Benjamin Linder was killed by contras in Bocay, Jinotega, the dream he was researching at the time of his... continuar...

El Salvador

As President Premieres FMLN Debates its Unity
“We revolutionaries don’t only need debate among ourselves. We need to test strategies and tactics. Doing this is more risky today than it was yesterday, because today we are confronting an adversary that is in the full euphoria of triumph and has greater material resources.” (Shafik Handal, FMLN Coordinator, addressing the FSLN Congress)... continuar...


Who Sets the Tempo in the Dance of Peace?
The peace process has speeded up, and civil society is participating in it. What can be expected from negotiations advocated by the international community? Will it be possible to get to the root of the conflict? What spaces will the U.N. have? The accelerated pace is a two-edged sword.... continuar...


GoodBye to the Military Draft
Civil authorities didn’t dare confront the military for fear of arousing their ire. But things are beginning to change. The first successful battle was waged on the issue of military service.... continuar...


Oligarchy Displaced? Power to the People?
The victory of the PRD raises many questions. The ghost of Torrijos may offer an answer. Now the challenge is enormous. Panama must be different: the people must have a say and be able to decide, they must count more than paying the foreign debt.... continuar...

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