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  Number 154 | Mayo 1994



The Sacred Jicaro Tree: An Economic Solution
With products of the jicaro it is possible to feed people and cattle and to fuel industry and cars. The jicaro is also an important means of democratizing cattle-raising, giving more opportunity to small farmers.... continuar...


Worker-Owned Coffee Farms: The Bitter and the Sweet
The workers of state enterprises of the Area of People’s Property (APP) are today owners of the enterprises of the Area of Workers’ Property (APP). Do they really affect management? It is not quite clear, nor is the direction in which this novel experiment is heading. We recount two typical cases, one hopeful, one not so. ... continuar...


Negotiating the Crisis: A Modest Proposal
The real goal of the structural adjustment is that we continue paying our foreign debt. It’s time to plan together a program in which Nicaragua exchanges debt for stability and development.... continuar...


CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMS The reforms to the Constitution, which the new majority in Nicaragua's National Assembly announced would be ready for debate and passage by mid 1994, are suffering delays... continuar...

El Salvador

The Elections: A Post Game Analysis
El Salvador is beginning a new stage. Will it be just more of the same? Will the FMLN be divided? What will happen with local power? Will democracy be consolidated?... continuar...


The State of Law in a State of Coma
Less than one year after the “Serranazo”, President De León Carpio conisders imposing a state of exception. The reverses are evident, and violence and impunity still prevail.... continuar...


The Frist Hundred Dayds
President Reina wants a strong civil society, a strong private sector and a strong state. All this requires much political will and a great capacity for maneuvering. Up till now, there are no signs that the new government possesses these abilities. ... continuar...


What Will the Winner Win?
Who will be the next president? More challenging and productive is this other question: what will the new president do to develop the country with justice and without corruption?... continuar...


Chiapas and the Crisis of Mexican "Democracy"
In the next electons, rather than deciding the new president of Mexico, it will be decided if the transition to democraacy will be pacific or violent.... continuar...


Seven Sins Against Women and Development
According to the United Nations, 75% of the world's population survives on only 15% of the world's wealth. In the 41 poorest countries of the world, per-capita income does not reach $200. A full billion... continuar...

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