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  Number 153 | Abril 1994



Organic Agriculture: A labor of Love
The Sandinista Revolution promoted without hesitation the Green Revolution, which since the 50s has been present in Nicaraguan agriculture, especially in the cotton boom, but without an ecological vision. Today, though still timidly, organic agriculture is reaching Nicaragua.... continuar...


Time for the Horse to Pull the Cart
Now that the political “cart” has been put in order, there is need to attend to the “economic oxen”. Doing this will call for much effort on the part of the administration, the producers and the deputies who represent the people. ... continuar...


Atlantic Coast: Another Disaster?
It would be risky to extrapolate the case of the Atlantic Coast in 1994 to that of all of Nicaragua in 1996. Even if the election in 1996 were “between Sandino and Somoza”, it won’t be that way, although it was this time on the Coast. ... continuar...


DRUGS IN NICARAGUA Operation Ocean, Nicaragua's most spectacular anti-drug operation ever, was carried out on January 12 on the beach at Popoyo, Rivas, In which the US Drug Enforcement Agency... continuar...

El Salvador

The left's response to two Historic Challenges
Rubén Zamora, presidential candidate of the left coalition CD-FMLN-MNR, spoke to envío shortly before the elections in El Salvador, analyzing in broad strokes the project, and dream, of the Salvadoran left.... continuar...


Who's in Charge Here?
The army and the guerrilla met in Mexico to continue the peace process. On the eve of the dialogue there were great tensions and important changes in the army. They are key for understanding what is happening and for knowing where the real power in Guatemala is – where it always was.... continuar...

Costa Rica

Interview with Figueres: We Want 'Costa Rican Development
"The state must guarantee equal opportunity for all in the areas of primary health, education excellence and development credits," declared Costa Rica's President-elect José María Figueres.... continuar...


Insurrection in Chiapas... Revolution in Mexico?
The Zapatista insurrection in Chiapas has highlighted the contradictions that plague Mexico and all Latin America. There is development without social welfare. There is integration into the world market along with internal disintegration among regions, peoples and cultures. There is openness to the universal culture of the West along with marginalization of our own most native cultures, especially indigenous ones. “We are achieving in days what we waited 500 years to achieve: that they listen to us,” said Bishop Samuel Ruiz of San Cristobal de las Casas, in the first days of the insurrection in Chiapas.... continuar...

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