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Central American University - UCA  
  Number 151 | Febrero 1994



New Political Setting, same Rotten Economy
The end of political polarization will not automatically bring about the end of economic paralysis. That the political respite bring some economic relief for the majority of people is a challenge that still remains.... continuar...


CONGRESS OF EX CONTRAS The First National Congress of former combatants in the Nicaraguan Resistance was held in Managua in the first week of December. The main aim was to unify the various... continuar...

El Salvador

Ushering in the New Year
Will these elections be free and clean? In the background is the impunity of the powerful and an ambience of fear among the people.... continuar...


A Powder Keg
We find an almost total attrition in the presidency, permanent politicking and corruption, and a country that is being put up for sale through privatizations. The detonator of this Molotov cocktail is the severe economic crisis. ... continuar...


President Reina: No Seller of Dreams
“Honduras is not so much a poor country as a poorly managed country,” said President Carlos Roberto Reina as he begins his administration among great expectations.... continuar...


The Electoral Post is Boiling
The next elections will probably be the most decisive in the 90 years of independent life of this small Central American republic.... continuar...


Central America's Alternative: Integration from Below
Neoliberal programs are showing signs of exhaustion in the South. Are they doomed to die? If they don’t, it won’t be due just to a lack of a theoretical alternative to this system, but to the weakness of political forces that could vanquish them.... continuar...

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