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  Number 145 | Agosto 1993



The Walagallo: Heart of the Garifuna World
The rite of the Walagallo is at the center of the religious experience of the Garifuna people. It is also a source of their historical resistance.... continuar...


Central America's Economic and Political Backdrop
In Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala progressive forces are searching for a new economic model. It will also be necessary to seek a new political model.... continuar...


US REDUCES AID According to the foreign aid bill that President Clinton is sending to Congress, US aid to Nicaragua for FY 1994 will be $66 million, about three fifths of the $109 million finally... continuar...

El Salvador

Repercussions of the Managua Arms Cache
The FMLN should take very seriously the error it committed, recognized it and provide explanations to the people. If not, it might already be on the way to losing the next elections. Today the left is divided and weak, the right is encouraged and enlivened and the center is ... empty.... continuar...


After the Honeymoon, What Then?
Tremendous challenges confront the new president in Guatemala, Ramiro de León Capiro, who assumed office after the “Serranazo”. His biggest headache will come from the army. ... continuar...


The Hour of Civil Society
The 12 days between former President Serrano's self directed coup and the election of President Ramiro de León Carpio will go down in Guatemalan history and in the history of Central America's poor.... continuar...


Somalia: Lessons for the South
The North is not combating the poverty of the countries to the South. Rather it attacks the poor. No longer is there any discussion about whether to intervene or not – the only discussion is how, where and under what circumstances the U.S. should intervene. Will the U.N. of the 90s be like the O.A.S. of the 60s? Has the Latinamericanization of the world begun?... continuar...

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